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Anique Radiant Heart
(1) “Invoking the Goddess”
(2) “Embracing the Goddess”
$15 each by Paypal on
Web site: www.herwill.net

Anique CD cover

Anique gave an outstanding performance at the 2004 Goddess Conference of her music, and all her UK concerts were a sell-out. You can hear why on these CDs. Described as a way to the Goddess through sacred song, chant and prayer, her music is deep, profound and full of soul and spirit. The first CD Invoking the Goddess starts with an opening prayer “She Changes” , continues with a Gratitude Chant “Mother I thank you”, and then moves through the chakras with chants to Kali (root), Hathor (womb/belly), Pele (solar plexus), Kuan Yin (heart), Medussa (throat) and Isis (third eye). It culminates in the best rendition of Ancient Mother (crown chakra) that I have heard, and the finishes with a Sacred Celebration song “Invoking the Goddess”.

The second CD (of what will eventually be a trilogy) Embracing the Goddess has more songs to the Goddess (such as “Moonmother” and “Singing her Praises) rather than chants, but perfectly complements the first CD. On both CDs the music and singing grabs you powerfully, embraces you, and takes you deep within youself in a musical experience that can best be described as earthy and healing. Listening to Anique’s voice is a cathartic and wonderfully Goddess-connecting experience – I cannot recommend it highly enough. Outstanding!

Kellianna “Lady Moon”
$17.50 by Paypal on Web Sites: www.kellianna.com
or www.cdfreedom.com

Lady Moon CD cover

Kellianna is Singer and Head Chantress of the US Wiccan Educational Society. She came over to the Goddess Conference in 2003 with Shawna Carol’s choir [Shawna’s CD Goddess Chant was reviewed in GA5] and in 2004 returned to do a session of her own Songs of the Goddess. Her work is very different from Shawna’s, being more upbeat and driving, especially on tracks such as “Persephone”, “The Return of the Sun” and “Morgana”. Even the song to “Brighid” is more energetic than one might expect. But there is also a more bluesy, torch-like feel to some of the other songs, such as “Lady Moon” and the exquisite “Maiden, Mother and Crone” Her voice carries much expression, and she is helped by good backing of guitar, piano, recorder and percussion. A CD that is well worth seeking out, not least for Kelliana’s love for the Goddess which shines through all the songs. As she says: “The Goddess has truly blessed me. I wish to honor Her by living my life worthy of such gifts. I wish to honor Her with song”.

VocalAna “Singing the Wheel of BrigitAna”

Singing the Wheel of BrigitAna CD cover

This is the CD of the Glastonbury Goddess Wheel of Ana originally created by Kathy Jones and added to by other Priestesses of Avalon. It came about through the creative inspiration of Sally Pullinger, who has written all the tracks, and was conceived to be used as a ceremonial tool to call in the energies, power animals and symbols of the Goddesses in each of the eight directions around the Wheel of Ana. So its pedigree is infused through and through with the whole Glastonbury Goddess ethos, from the selection and interpretation of the Goddesses chosen, to the performance of the CD by members of the Glastonbury Goddess community, to the use of the music at Glastonbury Goddess Conference and Temple rituals. For anyone who is part of that scene, or who regularly goes to Glastonbury Goddess events, the CD is an absolute must: it is redolent with all the music that flows in and out and through the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, and recreates the whole feeling of celebration and joy that is such a part of that experience. But even if you have never been to a Glastonbury Goddess event, then the CD is still very worth having. It consists of 8 songs – to Bridie, Artha, Rhiannon, Domnu, Ker, Banbha, Keridwen and Danu – plus The Wheel of Ana’ , and the whole is an uplifting and joyful celebration of Goddesses. One to play when you need cheering up!

Jana Runnalls “Sacred Home” £13.99 CD £7.99 cassette from Web site:

Sacred Home CD cover

Jana’s recent CD “I Sing Her Praises” was reviewed in GA5, and now comes “Sacred Home” which goes from strength to strength. It consists of very grounded, stirring, direct chants and songs, that are both powerfully shamanistic and musically tuneful at the same time. It opens with two very strong tracks written by Kat Brown “Ritual” and “Sacred Home”, and then continues with tracks written mainly by Jana. Some are outstanding – I particularly liked “Deep into the Earth”, “Elemental Circle” (‘Mother Earth we feel you in our bones’), & “Dancing Fire” all of which take a simple chant and build and build the energy until it becomes a wonderful exuberant celebration of Goddess energy. On a personal level I would have preferred the songs and chants to be completely Goddess-focussed without the occasional attempt to ‘balance’ things out (for example the “Goddess and God chant”, and “Spirit of the Cloven Hoof” – ‘horned god of this land I call to you’ ) though I acknowledge that for some people this recognition of the male spiritual principle is important to them. But overall the CD is well worth obtaining for the sheer power and driving beat of its music. It is the next best thing to a live performance by Jana, which is well worth catching if you can. She is usually at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, where her performances are often mesmerising and electrifying. Great!

For further details of where you can see and hear these singers and musicians visit their web sites. Anique Radiant Heart is due to return to the UK from Australia in 2006 for concerts.